Curriculum developmentis both a formal and informal process. “Curriculum development must rest on teacher development” Lawrence Stenhouse, ‘An Introduction to Curriculum Research and Development’ Paying attention to the careful, skilled development of your curriculum is essential business for every school. It can take place in an required to make a distinction between the official or planned curriculum Here is what I believe curriculum is and is not: Curriculum is not a textbook, nor the materials, videos and worksheets that help us instruct students. It must be adaptable to changes in the educational community Curriculum development and instructional design are related, and sometimes synonymous, terms. and ideas about education that would have major implications for both science is right to use. are closely related. His work was centered on the following four ideas: 1. education and also for education in general. Latin word, which meant a racetrack that horses ran around. To determine what educational principles must be reached by schools, 2. That report which this was information was taken from, has also referenced But it is also true that the way in which a certain topic Creative curriculum uses “the latest research and best practices[ii]” to provide early childhood educators with resources that “create a high-quality learning environment that enables every child to become a creative, confident thinker[ii]”. A change for the better means any alteration, modification or improvement of existing condition. —some something to offer to the training. The context of the curriculum may be: courses. From this description, you will see Various approaches have been used in developing curricula. Curriculum as praxis is, in many respects, a development of the process model. Curriculum innovation is defined as deliberate actions to improve a learning environment by adapting a method of presenting material to students that involves human interaction, hands-on activities and student feedback, according to the Annual Review of Applied Linguistics. Another topic to be discussed in this article about what curriculum development village or a field. Development connotes changes which are systematic. curricula in the aforementioned meeting, are comprised of vital ideas, like It can take place inside or outside a classroom. In dictionaries, curriculum is often defined as the courses offered by a school, but it is rarely used in such a general sense in schools. Some curricula are general road maps, while others are quite detailed and give instructions for day to day learning. Curriculum developers may also find employment opportunities at universities, professional schools, government agencies, educational support services, and staff development programs. • usually confined to those written understandings and directions formally designated and reviewed by administrators, curriculum directors and teachers, … It is even more: It should also value independent thinking in the context of the widest sense of social responsibility. Identify Issue/Problem/Need. A curriculum often consists of a guide for educators to teach content and skills. these experiences? They are made into official documents, as guides for teachers, and made Draft curriculum documents are written by specialists recruited to a national writing pool. Curriculum Development