NBA 2K17 Released Patch 1.05 last night and it fixed a ton of issues that have been in the game since release but weren’t corrected in the last patch that 2K put out. The peach basket was replaced with a net that allowed the ball to go through, speeding up play. Dribbling was allowed. Meet key figures who collaborated to make the bubble safe and COVID-free. Kyle Kuzma — His NBA journey led him from being one of the older players on the team before the Davis trade to a younger player trying to find his place on a … The NBA's hypocrisy is evident in how it handled Daryl Morey's tweet on Hong Kong, its apology to China, then backtracking. April 20, 1986: Scores an NBA-record 63 points in a playoff game, a 135-131 overtime loss to Boston. Basketball was primed for success in many parts of the world; it just needed heroes, stars and a strong enabler (that is, the NBA) to make it a truly global phenomenon. The National Basketball Association said it plans to use video board to engage fans at its Walt Disney World bubble used to resume its season suspended by Covid-19. NBA Player Salaries - 2020-2021 Season: A new ball was introduced, one that was easier to dribble and shoot. Save 97%. J.J. Redick will be entering his 11th season in the NBA this week and for the first time he has noticed he is part of a small — and shrinking — club as a white American NBA player. Backboards were added to make scoring easier. Fans flocked to see this exciting new sport. SUBSCRIBE NOW. NBA 2K17 Patch 1.05 – Did It Make My Park Great Again? See the highest and lowest player salaries in the NBA on More NBA coverage on NBA.COM. SUBSCRIBE NOW. When an NBA bubble idea was floated, commissioner Adam Silver was skeptical. Share 0. Rules changes made the game more fun. Stream 62 short stories on the NBA, ABA, college hoops, the women's game, international basketball, and socio-cultural issues told by 165 legends. When a transfer finally did come about, it was to Wigan in the English Premier League but by that time the Nigerian's star had faded. $1 for 3 months. Today’s Headlines A timeline of LeBron James' eight consecutive NBA Finals appearances LeBron and five members of the '60s Celtics are the only players to ever reach eight straight Finals. Kagami Uchiha (うちはカガミ Uchiha Kagami) was a jōnin from Konohagakure's Uchiha clan. by KingFame4 Nov 8, 2016 Jan 25, 2021 0.