As far as I'm aware DBM does that. 75. Also works for Vengeance Demon Hunter's Sigil of Silence and Balance Druid's Solar Beam. 15. Meanwhile, the druid is allowed free reign to escape, heal or charge and fire his lazer (blargh). Heya, This Weak Aura displays party member interrupts for all classes when they are on-cooldown. Raid Bosses. Although, if you feel that there is a lot of movement you can go with Stellar Drift. Ursol’s Vortex When placed in a location within 30 yards of the balance druid, the vortex will slow all targets that enter its area of effect by 50%. 100. 90. Patch 9.0. 15. Only loads in 5-Man Dungeons and Arenas. As it is now, it's like a complex form of bubble; invulnerable to all but a handful of classes. Talents: This is purely a single target fight, where I would recommend using single target talents. Mythic+ is a special type of dungeon mode in World of Warcraft, offering players an endlessly-scaling challenge. This could be alleviated by requiring the druid to channel it or break roots while active. Written by Dorullkjell Last Updated: 9th Jan, 2021. So. In this guide, we will go over useful Balance Druid macros for , explain how to make your own macros, and cover some of the best Balance Druid addons for both hardcore raiders and general players alike. And I use the weakaura set for T23: But I'll probably change to DBM again. Castle Nathria. (For example, available interrupts show at the top always and interrupts on CD at the bottom.) It's only druids that gets an interrupt so late, other classes get it quite early (between 15-25) so you can't blame it on people getting interrupts late. Use when: you are part of an interrupt rotation on adds that this ability can interupt. I for myself use bigwigs since 2 IDs to test it. I’ve now rerolled Boomkin and went to do Shrine of the Storm and found that we couldn’t kill the second boss because my interrupt cooldown is on a 1 minute like… What? 60. Shriekwing Single Target. Balance Druid. He was the #1 Rank DPS Guardian Druid for 5 tiers in a row and top the 1-6 for the last 12 tiers, playing Guardian Druid, Brewmaster Monk and Protection Warrior mainly based on what is the strongest for progression at the time. And when it's your time to interrupt it only says "interrupt". I knew that boomkins interrupt was on a long cooldown but that’s just ridiculous. In Arena, it also shows enemy interrupts. 45. The Balance Druid multi-target rotation is a bit more complicated than the single target one and the difference between optimizing your multi-target and being unoptimized is great. Updated for BFA / 8.0. DBM says something like "interrupt 1", at the next cast "interrupt 2" and so on.