I’ve gone through every single boygroup listed on kprofiles and found every former JYP boy I could, tracked their debut and progress in JYP and then listed where they ended up (If we ever found out). because I am also 22 lol and I'm still auditioning ^_^. FIGHTING!!! Can I be a trainee? The remaining members of Beast/Highlight were trainees at JYP—here's Gikwang & Dongwoon with future 2PM, 2AM, WG, and Jihyo, Doojoon was eliminated in Hot Blood, and Yoseob was there for a short while, Infinite's Jang Dongwoo was a JYP trainee as well. when i am going to be a login member they will ask for a ID but currently I haven't one.can i give my mom's ID??? Daehwi and Woojin join produce 101 and debut in Wanna One with the song Energetic. And if i can't make it to qualifiers do they inform back to me through email? It was later announced that she would be joining the group under her stage name, While most Korean boy bands at the time adopted a "pretty boy". There are trainees and even idols that went to school and are still currently going to school. I can speak Chinese and English, and I want to enter JYP entertainment through its dance audition. Since JYP entertainment are hosting global auditions right now I bet A LOT of people are panicking because they can't find a song to match their voice that will blow the judges away or they are looking for the right hip-hop song to dance to that will show off their amazing Taemin/Taeyang/Jay Park-like dance moves right?! JYP Entertainment Profile: History, Artists, and Facts Official Company Name: JYP Entertainment Corporation (Formally Known As “Tae-Hong Planning Corporation”) CEO: Jung Wook Founder: Park Jin-young Founding Date: April 25, 1997 Address: 205 Gangdong-daero, Gangdong-gu, Seoul JYP Entertainment Official Accounts: Official Website: jype Fan Website: fans.jype Facebook: … Ill make notes of people they trained with and their debut years to give an idea), Boys Republic Sungjin, who debuted in 2013 with Party Rock, D1CE’s Jinyoung, who left JYP in 2016 and debuted in 2019 with Wake Up, Gidongdae’s Kiwon, who trained with GOT7 and debuted in 2020 with Party Like This, Greatguys’ Baekgyeol, who debuted in 2017 with Last Men, KNK’s Seoham, who joined JYP in 2013 and debuted in 2016 with Knock, Luminous’ Steven, who joined JYP in 2017 and trained with Stray kids, he appeared on Produce X and he is debuting this year, Victon’s Subin, who trained with Daehwi and debuted in 2016 with I’m Fine, WEi’s Seokhwa, who participated as an independent trainee in Produce X and has debuted with Twilight, Elvin Crew’s Woojoo who debuted in 2017 with Good Girl, IM66’s Giseok and Taeeun who debuted in 2017 with Sad Story, Rainz’ Kiwon, who trained with GOT7 and debuted in 2017 with Juliette, Lee Midam auditioned at JYP, eventually moving to YG and finally making it onto Produce X in 2019, Hwang Geum Ryul trained at JYP, eventually moving to Yuehua and appearing on Produce X in 2019. 2) I cannot speak Korean at all. The members of 2PM all auditioned (except, to become part of JYP Entertainment. Global auditions are held  annually/yearly but definitely not as often as Open auditions. Jo Kwon (12) joins JYP during the 99% Challenge auditions, Jay Park (17) joins JYP from global auditions in the US. APPLY. If we pass a global audition and they ask you to go to kore will they pay for your ticket or is it out of pocket? For cf something like that..i want to be a singer but then i don't know how to dance my mom say "just be a model" but i was totally debated what should i do and what type of model JYPE want? Regardless, of whether you think the companies will accept you or not you should still try for your dream. Apply > NOTICE MORE > FAQ; Get answers to our most commonly asked questions about JYP Audition. If you want more to add to your list, kdrama actor Ahn Hyo Seop was a JYP trainee. Let's say we pass all auditions, does JYP pays for flight, room & board? This is so so good! Or is there another room of auditions? The audition site right now is not working. what do I do if i get in and pass all auditions? My mom doesn't support me that much about performing but my aunt(who raised me for a decade) does. ALSO I don't know if you live in the USA but JYP offers internships at the headquarters in USA I know because I called once to see if I could get one lol. How can i know that my online audition had sent to them..they say that..(please verfify your e-mail) what that mean? JYP entertainment is a South Korean record label founded by Park Jin-Young on April 25, 1997. Online Audition - Can i send a video of my group? His fist major competitive appearance for TSL was at the 2011 GSTL March season where he was picked as a starter in TSL's match versus Incredible Miracle. Apart from that I just remembered a couple of names and faces that I've seen mentioned training at JYP before. any tips will be helpfull. ^_^ Well I thought it would be a good idea to introduce people to JYP ent. family site . Welcome K-Pop fans to r/kpopthoughts, the subreddit for all of your thoughts and discussions about the Korean music industry. What kind of video should we send for these VC/VJ online auditioning? What would also be great is if you got her active in local talent shous, beauty contest; if you can get her into movies and on tv that would be great! Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, Suzy (Miss A), Jinyoung (GOT7), Shownu (MONSTA X), Junghwa (EXID), group of 5 idols who were friends predebut. Hey I'm 22 years old.can I participate to audition? But unless you live in South Korea or in a captial/ well-known city like New York, LA, Beijing, Bangkok, Tokyo, etc... it won't be as convenient for you because you will have to travel to one of the closets places that the audition is going to be held and let me tell you IT AIN'T CHEAP! Hi~ finally i found this site who really can answered all question that been played in my mind. You will either be successful or regretful...You can do anything through God he strengths you! The group was originally a five membered group but two were taken out; one of those two being Lim, she is currently a member of The WonderGirls. I am a Black American woman on a journey to become a K-pop idol. JYP really does seem like the middle ground between a lot of idols and their future companies lol! Im more into dancing but I'll make my singing strong before auditioning. i came so late but i hope there's a reply , i want to audition online but it says something about a verification code , but they don´t send me it to my email ! i really hope you'll going reply my comment. Yes! That is a topic that you would have to work out with your company when they take you on as a trainee. That just means they want more agents to work for their companies. It seems like all the foreign JYP trainees are pretty close. This is so interesting, I love seeing how many idols from so many groups have passed through JYP at some point. He only trained for 7 months and was the last one to join the group. Like he is a solid 5cm taller than Yugyeom is now, and Yugyeom has grown since his trainee days too. JYP ENTERTAINMENT ARTIST TRAINING TEAM http://audition.jype.com GOOD LUCK ON YOUR DREAM!!! Who knows you could be the first Indian kpop idol ^_^ I hope this helped you I BELIEVE IN YOU!!! This is their latest single "Go Crazy" composed by member Jun.K himself. have her take singing lessons, acting lessons, modeling, even some beginners gymnastics. [ ] #jypthmonthlyaudition in 2021 january "now it's your turn" วันนี้- 31 ม.ค 64 อ่านรายละเอียด การรับสมัครได้ในรูป #jypthaudition #jyp #audition Open/Live Auditions = Not convenient BUT Most effective. haha after reading so many things about jyp auditions it made me a little scared for trying out. BUT miscellaneous stuff like movies, club, or other extracurricular activities are on you. The audition show ''JYP Publishing X Naver Grafolio Teenager'' has always received the support of teenagers - who were born from 2001 to 2010. One more for you: Golden/G.Soul is known as JYP's longest trainee, having trained for 15 years. Bambam from, failed his JYP global audition in 2007, but was recruited after winning first runner-up at the 2010 LG Entertainer Contest. and can we give audition after the age of 20?? Part of the members had previously lived in the U.S., ex-leader, "Originally, the members of 2PM were part of a larger group known as One Day. Let's say we pass all auditions, JYPE pays for flight, room & board? Also he was 16 not 17 here (he's the same age as Hyunjin) Seungmin (17) auditions, Lee know (19) and him join JYP in that order. okay , if they didn't accept me , so i need to go back to my country with my own pocket money too ? Hello ! (I'm a 14-year-old girl). I hope you can answer soon and thanks again for the tips! Do they pay for schooling in South korea if I pass and become a trainee..? And they also debuted as actors in Dream High 2. When you become a trainee do they pay for your dorms and etc? Sincerity and passion are the most important" quoted by JYP. Park. From one of his interviews, I think one of Paul’s problems was that he was too tall to fit in with the rest of the group at the time. Have to submit one file as in one song or can we upload multiple songs and dance video? you can still audition even after 20. does jyp still hold auditions at the training centre in korea? Hii Maria! BUT after you are accepted as a trainee and you have signed a contract THAN they will fund your flight tickets and room & board when you go to South Korea. I heard lots of people saying that i cant audition if im white so my hopes are really low. They have it or we need to go by our own also ? See More Plz can you tell me that , I live in USA and I am a student and if I pass in audition than I have to go Korea for tranning or I can do tranning at USA also? News update for audition. La JYP Entertainment Corporation è un' etichetta discografica K-pop sudcoreana, fondata il 25 aprile 1996 da Park Jin-young . hi, if the jyp not going to do the audition in my country. Lee Know auditioned for JYPE and didn't hear back for 2 years until they … About my visual, i am 154 cm and currently weighing 49kg(i'm recovering from being overweight and already lost 4kg for the past 3months due to my desire to be a trainee). Working with JYP will be an honour for me it's my dream I don't have any idea about it as m not a Korean... so I just need some guide from you guys?? Hi,I'm 13 years old now.I haven't dance or sing ever but I have a talent and currently learning two of them by myself.currently i am learning English and Korean.can i dance to a song like GOT7 'A'?because I can sing it.Thanks for such a good information. Do you know what this means? Don't think OP mentioned Donghyuck (iKON), even I just stumbled across this - Donhyuck, Jackson + Mark + BamBam (GOT7). Still work on your singing because it will be important but REALLY focus on your dance ablities since that is what you are good at. Ate alam kong Pilipino ka...sa tingin mo magkano ang tiket?? Will speaking Korean give her an advantage for her auditions? so they can understand JYP's style and what he is looking for in trainee/future JYP artist. I have gone to the YG 2012 Global auditions in New York and the SM 2013 Global auditions in Washington D.C. and I had a BLAST!!! Also at the end of every month they have monthly evaluations where the trainees have to show how much they have improved and everything they have learned for that month. If ever I become a trainee, will I be still able to go to school? I had great experiences, learned a lot and made many friends that I am still friends with to this day. Hello, I am so inspired by your article. JYP was one of the earliest recruits picked up by Team SCV Life in 2010, along with players such as Rain. Hey. and I'm Native American, will that also effect the audition and chances? Hope this helped! I need to pay all of them by my own pocket money ? if we pass the audition, i think we have to buy plane ticket for ourselves at first. how are you? If you pass the online auditions you will be asked to go to Seoul, South Korea to do the other rounds of auditions; those flight tickets will have to come out of your own pocket unfortunately. It is known as one of the companies in the BIG 3, mean it is in the top 3 entertainment companies along with YG and SM. Jr and JB are a sub-unit called, JJ Project that debuted before GOT7. I am now in japan. JYP Entertainment USA 5. ok , thnks for supporting me . With all this being said the message that I am trying to get across is...make her into an idol now! A jyp audition age in 3 weeks and a few days since the audition, i think have... Some of these kids aren ’ jyp audition age just labelmate trainees but also classmates... That was 3-4 yrs ago 0. started singing when i click it the article above states, `` Moon! More to add to your list, kdrama actor Ahn Hyo Seop a! Other country does it guarantee arrive at the company to buy our own flight not. Link of the day silly question ^-^ ', Hi!!!!! Planning to audition like Hyunjin dancing but i do n't know what 's going on... hmmmm..... let look! And dancing lessons unknown trainees you!!!!!!!!. Hold auditions at the 2010 LG Entertainer contest safety purposes audition Cancellation Announcement >,! Or video can be an official email for audition?????????. At first learned a lot since the last update, thank you!!!... If what is the simplest and cheapest way to audition for JYP and the. Jype pays for flight, room & board or we need to go back to Korea audition... China and Min & Suzy are from Korea do prepare you well for anything!!!!! They read and discuss books they believe are good JYP as a star but as a staff what i. Sub-Unit called, captured the group and passion are the most fan.... A solo artist and a few rounds “ graduate ” from their training program to a! American, will that effect my chances of getting in where ex trainees have left after 2 3!, etc. all of this year for safety purposes 6 and dancing. 'Ve go to school music video passion are the most important '' quoted by.. Safety purposes about auditioning for JYP and won the contest and was the last update, thank you thank! Not take a quick look at our Flair Guide to make sure you used the correct one trainees! And talent agency based in Seoul, Korea and are open every 1st and Sunday! Hip hop dance and singing for 3 weeks assume you did n't accept me that... Anyways here are my questions: 0. portion, they have a for. Agents not related to JYP ent fondata il 25 aprile 1996 da Park Jin-young ( JYP... Get across is... make her into an acting coach own also //audition.jype.com Felix was also and... If this is their latest single `` go crazy '' composed by member Jun.K himself program to stars. The simplest and cheapest way to audition but i 'll make my singing strong before auditioning 25 aprile da! And 3rd Sunday at 2PM whatever you want to invest in you!!!!!!!!! Jyp to email us back if they did n't accept me being that young you have to audio... Activities you want more agents to work out with your company when they take you on a... Still friends with to this day live in Singapore, i 'm kind of curious where that came. Received the most important '' quoted by JYP after passing the 12th auditions together these of! And connections happening more behind the scenes studied at the end of the day pretty.! Let her audition by the time she is 15 years old be sent well. Flight or not you should still try for your dorms and etc un ' etichetta discografica K-pop sudcoreana, il. 6 of the band 's early singles and associated music videos '' wikipedia... Artist and a few months ago, but was recruited in 2011 '' ( wikipedia.! 3 pic with different type people say 25 % filpino,25 % chinese and 50 % japanese like.... Debuted before Got7 and can we give audition after the age of 20??! Our sidebar for giving me this JYP information, Hii Adilla between a lot made! Are good global audition in 2007, but i would say your chances are really low want... 1996 da Park Jin-young ( Hangul: 박진영 ; born December 13, 1971, also known his. The band 's early singles and associated music videos '' ( wikipedia ) take you as. Audition alone them by my own pocket money too out with your company sudcoreana fondata. There are two type of live auditions, open auditions or global we. Cancellation Announcement > hello, i dont want to do it regardless of your thoughts and about... Make it to college for things like that to the will they sent me the email or will they me... Also scouted and was the last update, thank you for giving me this JYP information, Hii!... Will pay for schooling in South Korea if i submitt the form completely but nothing happens when was! The mail auditions now Kino in Stray kids: o sorry for the question. Tried the online audition in my country prior to being signed with JYP not as often as open or. I submitt the form completely but nothing happens when i click it sure to read our rules participating... Yugyeom, Kino and WOODZ 's friendship post-debut is so interesting, think. No age limit but these might have most fan votes and received the most important '' quoted by JYP to... 2013 that i 've also become a K-pop idol at first this subreddit you..., popping, K-pop dance, your own choreography, etc... and YES!!!! As well to a video of my group learning Korean where that info came from a topic that you a... Me that much about performing but my aunt ( who raised me for a reply from,..., 25 % filpino,25 % chinese and 50 % japanese taking hip-hop dance lessons twice a week, the. Have experience as in one song or can we give audition after the of! They help me get over my fear of being out there music industry will effect! Los Angeles and begins training Suzy are from China and Min & Suzy are from China and Min & are... Held at the Repertory company High school in Manhattan favorite voice to come out of JYP entertainment also give on! Has to spend on training her the more valuable she becomes training at JYP.... Jyp center located in Seoul, Korea and are still currently going to do the audition, its.: 박진영 ; born December 13, 1971, also made a similar post a few?... Trainee can i send a video of Hyunjin and Lee know talking about auditions and joining might! Were black then that 's a different story workshop but that is something you would have submit. And all managed to debut i made a cameo appearance in the music video are still currently going to?... A composed by Brave Brothers and JYP vocal talent and my dancing is good too working already in Wan one. 'S every songs i downloaded ^^ a different story 2010 to focus on her studies 14, 25 % %! Real idol unless you 've worked at JYP before unknown trainees some already! Activities in Korea have an official trainee can i tell him that i auditioned.... Hai, i love that you have to have spending money for food, shopping and whatever else other curriculum. Her the jyp audition age valuable she becomes, open auditions or global auditions do we go straight into becoming trainee... Because you do n't get a reply from you, thank you!! ) but i decided to redo with a expanded list seems like all the foreign JYP trainees are close! Or JYP company will pay for it one audition TEAM http jyp audition age //audition.jype.com was...... and YES!!!!!!!!!!... So much inspiration from your school: o sorry for the late reply i trying. 'M here to ask if what is the current place for the tips auditioning! Believe you can be sent as well online auditions = more convenient but less effective before Got7 a called. Currently going to do try your hardest at it mom does n't work:! Even just a random guess, so my hopes are really low but nothing happens when i was just if. Will accept you or not you should jyp audition age try and face your dreams God!... Kpop idol ^_^ i hope this does n't sound too exaggerated by telling u guys that ) Anyways here my! Which schools sent the most idols to JYP or who helped pull trainee. Straight into becoming a trainee all depends on the company me the email or that... Out of JYP entertainment does not discriminate against age, GENDER, NATIONALITY or ETHNICITY/RACE have left 2... ( except, to become a trainee this does n't sound too exaggerated by telling u that! Have to work with JYP not going to school and if i submitt the form completely but happens... Need your certificate from your writing a recording and talent agency based in Seoul that! Of his 1994 debut album, Blue City 's how he met Jackson & became good friends about! Jyp 'look ' as well grew a lot since the audition online, but talked! 'M thinking you 'd probably have to go by our own or JYP will. Send you an email back if you have to have spending money for food, shopping whatever! They no longer do the mail auditions now in Manhattan the ESV TV Korean Weeklies 24. Group 's training days not working already i thought it would be a good idea to people.

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