M6nica Brito Vieira. The Resource Mare liberum, 1609-2009, Hugo Grotius ; edited and annotated by Robert Feenstra ; with a general introduction by Jeroen Vervliet Hugo Grotius (1583–1645) Alternative names: Hugo Grotius, Huig de Groot, Hugo Grocio, Hugo de Groot: Description: Dutch poet, playwright, jurist, politician, writer and diplomat: Date of birth/death: 10 April 1583 28 August 1645 Location of birth/death: Delft: Rostock: Work location: Paris; The Hague Authority control: Later, this was pivotal to the. p. cm.—(Natural law and enlightenment classics) “The major legal and political works of Hugo Grotius.” “Despite mare liberum as advocated by Hugo Grotius, in reality High Seas freedoms have been diminished legally by Article 76 UNCLOS III”. Mare Liberum (or The Freedom of the Seas) is a book in Latin on international law written by the Dutch jurist and philosopher Hugo Grotius, first published in 1609. Original Latin and English Translation”. In 1609, Dutch jurist Hugo Grotius published Mare liberum sive de iure quod Batavis competit ad Indicana commercia dissertatio or The Free Sea or a Dissertation on the Right which the Dutch Have to Carry on Indian Trade. The Dutch had economic interests in conflict with the English jurisdictional claim, so Hugo Grotius published his treatise on Mare Liberum (1609), “the free sea,” claiming that the high seas are open and common to all people. This document from The Hague was written primarily to justify The Netherlands’ trading activities in the Indian Ocean, and secondarily to resolve conflicts between nations over trade routes and fishing. Highlight was the presentation of the first copy of a new English translation of Mare Liberum “ Hugo Grotius Mare liberum 1609-2009. Dominion over the Seas. Clausum: Grotius, Freitas, and Selden’s Debate on. [Mare liberum. Mare Liberum 1609-2009 December 14, 2009. In The Free Sea (Mare Liberum, published 1609) Grotius formulated the new principle that the sea was international territory and all nations were free to use it for seafaring trade. Pressure was put on the States General to revise their instructions for the Admiralty Court. Celebration of the 400th anniversary of Grotius’ famous book “Mare Liberum”. In Dutch legal thinker Hugo Grotius (de Groot) wrote Mare liberum, about the idea of freedom of the seas. Johan Boreel, the eldest son of one of the defendants, sought expert advice from his friend Hugo Grotius. Why would you withhold water from my. English] The free sea / Hugo Grotius; translated by Richard Hakluyt with William Welwod’s critique and Grotius’s reply; edited and with an introduction by David Armitage. Grotius, Hugo, 1583–1645. In 1608, the ‘Father of International Law’, Hugo Grotius, gave us Mare Liberum, the concept of the ‘Freedom of the Seas’ , . Discuss. https://www.peacepalacelibrary.nl › imagecollection › mare-liberum The author of Mare Liberum, published in April 1609, became involved in the case at various levels. Mare Liberum vs. Mare. Hugo Grotius - Mare Liberum FREE SEA LIBRARY PHILOSOPHY HISTORY AND SOCIOLOGY OF JUSTICE Introduction-Translation: Fotini-Elektra Christakopoulou Number of Pages: 214 December 2020 The Free Sea is one of the fundamental texts of global culture.

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