direct from the hockey tape on one stick to the other. See more. Dingo. Also see, A particularly difficult or satisfying goal (, Intentionally stopping in front of the goalie so that your skates spray ice shavings ("snow") (. Y . U . W5 is an investigative journalism show in Canada. In "The Battle for Bonnie McMurray" (S3E5 4:12) Daryl, Dan, and Katy express interest in dating Bonnie McMurray. Cable hammer curls with rope attachment – a bicep exercise in which the standing lifter curls using a rope attached to a low pulley. The top of the net, or a shot that goes in the goal off or right below the crossbar, Console video game EA Sports NHL, or playing it (, Trash talking; steady insults directed at opposing players to unnerve or distract them (, To skate a puck all the way from one end of the ice to the other (. 4. The label features dogs presumably named Gus and Bruno. Acting in a silly manner. Passing the puck forward to an attacking teammate (, From the sense of sucking something up like a Hoover vacuum cleaner, French name used as the first part of the name of virtually all male members of Les Hiques; adapted into nicknames for the Hicks, i.e. All Rights Reserved. A driveway, a road leading up to a house, or group of houses. 2. Skilled stick-handling on the ice, and by extension elsewhere; refers to dangling the puck in front to distract players from body movements during maneuvering. This website and all its content is protected under international copyright law. 10 Ply How 'soft' someone is—5 times as much as 2 ply toilet paper Source Dry, sunny weather, the kind that helps cut hay dry easily in the field. A workout that engages leg muscles, including running, leg presses, etc., usually to help keep leg muscles proportionate to the other muscles developed in bodybuilding. A fight might break out on the ice; something bad will happen. J . Cable rope overhead tricep extension – a tricep exercise using a pulley machine, in which the lifter, facing away from the pulley, grips the handle and holds it above his or her head, then slowly lowers it behind the head. Letterkenny Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. From an attempted shot in basketball in which the ball misses so badly it does not hit either the rim, net, or backboard—nothing but air. From the rhyming slang sweaty sock meaning jock. A fight. Rachel David and Michelle Mylett, Jared Keeso of Letterkenny explains 10-ply and other slang. Informal - not slang but informal speech (formerly called a colloquialism), slang(replace with @ symbol) Nicknames, euphemisms, or alternative terms that have been used on Letterkenny; many of these terms have been mentioned only once, in passing. Also from the first episode "Give your balls a tug, make sure they're still attached.". Cartoon character. An admonition to someone making poor choices to figure out what they should be doing. The song was inspired by Davies' memories of his older sister, Rene, who died of a heart attack while dancing at a dance hall. A useless player, one which sits like a plug (, A hockey statistic that compares goals scored versus opponent goals scored when a player is on the ice (, A female whose interest in hockey is primarily based on her interest in hockey players (, A call to slow down or take things down a notch, A slow player who is skated around, much like a practice pylon, The native (First Nations) reserve (reservation in the USA), The Salvation Army, or a thrift shop operated by the Salvation Army (, A saucer pass. var theName = 'slang', theDomain = ''; A wild Australian dog. exercise ball, balance ball); then bends the legs, rolling the ball inward until the thighs touch the abdomen; then extends again. Bent press barbell side bend – a bent press in which a barbell is held at shoulder height, then maintained as the body is bent to one side and returned. Anti-gravity press – a shoulder exercise performed with the lifter prone on an incline bench, with chest and hips on the pad, holding weights with an overhand grip; the weight is reverse curled to bring the weights to the chest, then press out in front of the head, keeping the arms parallel to the ground throughout the mvoement, hence the "anti-gravity" in the name. The spotter lifts an increasing percentage of the weight in later reps, allowing the lifter to complete the set. Standing one-arm bicep curl over incline bench – a bicep curl done standing behind an incline bench with the upper arm rested against it, palm facing up. 5., From biscuits to wristers, a guide to hockey speak, ; to leave nothing but dust (t, A benchwarmer, a player who sits and collects dust, "For the Boys," doing something for the team, Long hair that "flows" out of the helmet (, From the term used in acrobatics and diving for a reverse rotation while moving forward. Some bodybuilders prefer to skip Leg Day so that their upper body will appear particularly large and muscular in proportion to their legs; Reilly, Jonsey, Dax and Ron are frequent skippers of Leg Day and have even developed a social networking site for Leg Day skippers to hook up. A few words about slang, this website and what words are listed. Close grip EZ bar curl with band - a bicep exercise performed standing, with the EZ curl bar attached to a fixture using an elastic band. Dilbert. ; cf. Skull crusher – a.k.a. Forced rep – a term for a rep completed with the assistance of a spotter. How 'soft' someone is—5 times as much as 2 ply toilet paper. Offens. "Come Dancing" is a 1982 song written by Ray Davies and performed by British rock group the Kinks on their 1983 album State of Confusion. Standing V-bar pushdowns – see V-Bar tricep pushdown. swedge: Noun. The Letterkenny and Letterkenny Problems dialogue makes extensive use of slang, including many words and phrases from hockey or general Canadian or rural usage. '">' + theName + '@' + theDomain + '' ); Akin to other youth slang evoking extreme or violent action like. Burpee box jump – a lower body plyometric in which the athlete jumps onto a box or step with both feet, then off again, then does a burpee. Cocktail made from Clamato (or other caesar mix of tomato juice and clam broth), vodka, hot sauce, and Worcestershire sauce, served on the rocks. Slang for Dingo and silly person. Superset – a strength training regimen in which the lifter moves from one exercise to another without resting in between. Divot. dirty dangles are even more impressive moves. V . An interjection denoting excitement or being caught off-guard, Popularized by and most frequently attributed to, Anabolic steroids - A-bombs, anti-hero, gear, gym candy, juice, roids, sauce, Cocaine - booger sugar, devil's dandruff, nose beers, schneef, stripper salt, uptown, Marijuana - assassin of youth, dank, dutch, electric lettuce, johnny red-eye, keef, pot, MDMA - the beans, bombers, dancin' shoes, disco biscuits, E, e-bombs, ecstasy, hug drug, (don't say) molly, roly-poly, Magic mushrooms - boomers, cracker stackers, simple simon, zoomers, Methamphetamines - the beans, bombers, meth, Copulation – take down, throwing hip, toe-curling, Erection - boner, home wrecker, lap rocket, red rocket, glizzy, stiffy, Homosexual (male) – backdoor bandit, bum bumper, Donald Trump of rump, donut puncher, knob jockey, Oklahomo, pipe fitter, rear admiral, uphill gardener, Masturbation (female solo) – Flicking bean, diddle my skittle, Masturbation (male solo) – batching (from "mixing a batch"), beating the bishop, dishonourable discharge, distributing free literature, feeding the ducks, feeding the geese, firing wristers, hand-to-gland combat, making a bald man puke, mixing a batch, playing five-on-one, playing one-man couch hockey in the dark, pulling your horn, Masturbation (mutual) – glover, handjob, handy, squeezer. G . S . F . Hockey slang. The name of the show is based on the who, what, when, where, why. The term "beaking" is more common in Western Canada, "chirping" in Eastern Canada. Potato chips flavored with barbecue, ketchup, sour cream and onion, and salt and vinegar. A specialist section of the London Metropolitan Police called the Flying Squad, a branch of CID. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Brawl; a fight involving more than two people, where serious bodily harm occurs (, Tobacco Slang: Chewing or smokeless tobacco that is consumed by placing the tobacco between the gums and the lips (more commonly the bottom lip and gum), the hockey players are portrayed to do tobacco dip, although they are never seen placing it in their mouths. Referring to a young boy's testicles dropping when they reach puberty. Russian cable twist – a core exercise using a cable machine and Swiss ball, in which the lifter reclines on the ball perpendicular to the cable, then rotates the body to pull the cable with both hands/. E.g. Although often mentioned, neither the local hall nor any of its members have been depicted on the show. Meaning: where the narrative character lives, there was once a man who lived a very wealthy lifestyle (using sailing the the as a symbol for that). Could ya let the paint dry a wee bit there, eh? The "lamp" refers to the flashing red light and siren behind the the goal that go off when a goal is scored. Advanced kettlebell windmill – a core exercise in which a kettlebell is held above the lifter's head; the lifter lowers the body to one side, keeping the kettlebell locked out and overhead, then returns to the starting position. They tend to come about from conversation, and people naturally use words that have a meaning for them, then over time, these words alter and become slang. Neither warm nor very cold; moderately cold: fresh, cool water; a cool autumn evening. Wayne cautions them that although she may be of legal age, perhaps she is too young and they should wait before pursuing her. Alternate one-arm dumbbell preacher curl – a bicep curl with the upper arm rested on a preacher bench. The areas the goalie must cover are numbered: Glove side high is 1, glove side low is 2, stick side high is 3, stick side low is 4, leaving the 5 hole. lying triceps extension, in which the lifter reclines on a bench with the head hanging just off the top, holds the weights (or handle) overhand above the head with arms bent, and extends the arms to work the tricep group. Swiss ball jackknife – a core exercise in which the lifter starts in the pushup position with legs resting on a Swiss ball (a.k.a. Towards the right side (also famous fictional killer) Diddley. est 1. sous chef noun: staff member who works under and assists the main chef A single unit of language, which has meaning and which can be spoken or written, typically shown with a space on either side when written or printed. 2. H . Animal Stak – a body building supplement. E . Alternate dumbbell bicep curl – a bicep exercise in which the lifter curls a dumbbell while rotating it at the elbow until the back of the hand is facing outwards, then lowers and twists to return, continuing with the other arm. 3. Showing or characterized by cheerfulness and lighthearted excitement; merry. © Copyright TED DUCKWORTH 1996 - 2020. Appetizer, i.e. (Eating zoomers and taking mad dips). Please do not copy this dictionary or post copies of the content online without first seeking permission from the author, Ted Duckworth, at slang(replace with @ symbol) to look on the bright side at look v. phrases…” bright spot in bright, adj. Alternatively the drug tend of a cigarette dipped in drugs or chemicals. Assertive definition, confidently aggressive or self-assured; positive: aggressive; dogmatic: He is too assertive as a salesman. Concentration curl – a bicep exercise in which the lifter, seated on a bench, curls a dumbbell from between the legs until it is shoulder level, keeping the upper arm stationary, then returns it. Small indentations. Kettlebell sumo deadlift – a leg exercise in which the lifter starts in a sumo stance, with legs wide apart, and deadlifts the kettlebell from the ground to waist level. Meaning Notes 5-hole The space between a goalie's legs Hockey slang. "Jean McMurray/John McMurray", A pelvic protector, an undergarment designed to protect female genitalia (, A female whose interest in lacrosse is primarily based on her interest in lacrosse players (. Sandbell slam – a plyometric in which a Sandbell is lifted up over the head, then slammed down to the ground. M . (, Initially a campaign slogan for Wayne running against McMurray at the Ag Hall, it has become an all-purpose acknowledgment of McMurray's creepiness, drunken behavior, macho tendencies, and numerous other shortcomings, Faking illness to avoid playing a game at, Self-explanatory expressing of extreme disappointment, specifically distinguished from a mere “No!”, Breathless acknowledgment of Bonnie McMurray's great beauty; also used on occasion to acknowledge her kindness, and at least once to express dismay at her interest in the hockey players' sexual proclivities, Understated expression of discomfort or acknowledgement of something going wrong, A skilled player with "silky smooth" moves (, A useless hockey player, one who is nothing but a target. credit card; bed and breakfast; out-of-town), but in terms of grammar and meaning, they are treated as a single unit. The areas the goalie must cover are numbered: Glove side high is 1, glove side low is 2, stick side high is 3, stick side low is 4, leaving the 5 hole. Vagina - box, furry cup, snapper, front bum, mitt. est 1. sour adjective: acid or fermented taste: I think the milk has gone sour from sitting out of the fridge too long. See separate sections for terms related to sex, drugs, or gym terms. 3. Of, relating to, or having a sexual orientation to persons of the same sex. Rollout incline heel touch – an incline heel touch is a core exercise lying on an incline with legs raised and bent, touching the right hand to the right knee, then the left hand to the left knee. Based on descriptions at, How Well Do You Know Hick Slang? (, Firm agreement or acknowledgment, i.e. a 10-4 as big as Texas, Having sex (You throwing a lot of hip lately?). X . a player that sits on the bench the whole game between the forwards and defense, acting like a separator like the checkout line at the store. Asking what someone means or why they are doing something. Z . A touch pass that involves floating the puck over an opposing player's stick like a flying saucer before landing on the ice just before the blade of a teammate's stick. [Scottish use] (the) Sweeney: Noun. document.write( '
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