Retirement can be lucrative for some former Illinois educators who are taking home pensions from the state’s Teachers Retirement System. Within Senate Bill 42, the budget implementation bill, the General Assembly created a third tier for new hires under most pension systems, including State Universities Retirement System (SURS), Teachers’ Retirement System (TRS) and State Employees’ Retirement System (SERS). another eligible Illinois public retirement system, who began participation (certified) on or after 01/01/11. The top pension earner this year is Lawrence A. Wyllie, an indicted former superintendent of Lincoln-Way High School District 210, who stands to make $321,443 this year. Illinois Municipal League | Downstate Public Safety Pension Consolidation Page 2 TIER 2 BENEFIT CHANGES Anticipating that Tier 2 benefits will not continue to meet the “safe harbor” standards of the Internal Revenue Code for exemption from participation in Social Security, the law makes modest adjustments to benefits for Tier 2 downstate and suburban public safety employees. Want to Fix Illinois Teacher Shortage? Keep in mind here that Tier Two kicked in on January 1, 2011…. If you were hired on or after January 1, 2011 then you are in the Tier 2 Plan with the Cook County Pension Fund (CCPF). The blue line shows the total accumulated retirement wealth under the state’s pension plan. For details of all Tier 2 annuity benefits, view the Tier 2 Annuity and Refund Handbook. At the same time, the member’s pension will decrease by 0.5% for each month under age 67 that the member is when he or she files for retirement. Chicago Teachers' Pension Fund (CTPF) members enjoy a guaranteed pension for life, based on your tier level, final average salary, CTPF years of service, and a pension multiplier (currently 2.2% for service earned on July 1, 1998 or after). It’s also become a vehicle for changes to pension benefits, with increases for Tier 2 public safety workers. Illinois contains one of the largest teacher employee benefit programs in the country, providing the nearly 130,000 teachers in the state with not only a state pension retirement system, but extensive health insurance benefits as well. The figure below illustrates how a teacher pension is calculated in Illinois. Illinois's benefit tiers can be found here. Teachers’ Pensions monitor monthly payments and failure to pay at the correct rates or provide an acceptable explanation for any variances will result in a report to the Department for Education. Members cannot outlive their benefits. The Illinois pension crisis refers to the rising gap between the pension benefits owed to eligible state employees and the amount of funding set aside by the state to make these future pension payments. Teachers and other public employees in Illinois’ pension systems hired after 2010 are in Tier 2, which itself is sufficient reason not to begin teaching or other public service in the state. Retired members in the Teachers' Retirement System of the State of Illinois collect a lifetime monthly retirement benefit. The maximum pension payable to a member of GARS is 85% of their final salary with 20 years of service credit. Form 655: Application to Purchase Public Teaching Service; 2.2 Upgrade Option. Post-Retirement Employment Limitations. 2. * Illinois Issues takes a look at the difference between Tier One and Tier Two teacher pensions. It’s a travesty under which older workers, including public union leadership, finagled a means of taking money from younger workers to help subsidize their unaffordable Tier 1 pensions. Illinois Teaching Salaries and Benefits. End the Tier 2 Pension Rip-Off ; Administrators over kids: Seven ways Illinois’ education bureaucracy siphons money from classrooms ; Where Illinois’ skyrocketing pension promises came from * Recently-retired career New Trier teachers retiring after 2020 will receive 5% automatic increases. In addition, since 2010 Illinois officials have passed laws that gradually phase out all state financial support of teacher and government worker pensions. Pensions benefits for lawmakers are also more generous than those for teachers and other state workers. Maybe that’s because state lawmakers take a problem they aren’t sure exists, apply a solution they don’t know will work and never determine the cost. That included $10 billion for Illinois’s five public pensions — teachers, university employees, state employees, judges and legislators — that are underfunded by at least $137 billion. Qualifying for an Annuity. For service credit earned prior to July 1, 1998, the percentage used in the pension formula is determined using incremental factors as low as 1.67%. Illinois has nation’s worst pension debt. The graph below compares the SURS-defined contribution plan with the pension plan offered to new teachers hired as of 2011 (called “Tier II”). For both plans, it assumes the teacher begins her career at age 25. 2. But the Illinois Department of Public Health announced Monday it’ll allow the area and other regions to move to Tier 2 even if they haven’t met the hospital capacity goal because the state is bringing in more health care workers who can work at hospitals, effectively increasing the … How does SB 42 impact pensions? You may work in a TRS-covered position for 120 days or 600 hours each school year and not lose benefits. Download the State Employees' Retirement System Tier 2 Leaving State Employment in Adobe Acrobat portable document format (pdf) (These files can be viewed and printed using a free Adobe Acrobat Reader. Pension wealth is derived from a formula. Lawmakers pushed through this plan in an attempt to begin to tackle the problem of a projected shortage of money in the state’s pension funds. Tier 2 members need to work slightly longer and complete more years of service credit. Public employees who began working for the state after this plan was adopted were funneled into this tier, with lesser pension benefits than those who came before. The largest Illinois public pension plan is the Teachers' Retirement System. Tier 2 Annual Salary Limitation Annual Increase to the Monthly Pension In accordance with state law, the Illinois Department of Insurance annually determines certain annuity limitations for use in benefit determinations by the Retirement Systems and Pension Funds operating under the Illinois Pension Code. You are considered to be vested if you have 10 or more years of service credit. How Are Teacher Pensions Calculated in Illinois? Miss out on Fall Member Meetings? With the 2.2 Upgrade Option, the 2.2% factor is applied to all your CTPF service credit and your pension increases. The calculator below can help you estimate your monthly CTPF pension income at retirement. Just visit the Adobe website for a free Adobe Acrobat File Reader to install on your computer System. ): Printed brochures are also available from our office. In 2010, Illinois lawmakers created a second tier of pension beneficiaries. Among the many changes to the pension plans for state and local government employees hired since 2011, Tier 2 members receive a substantially smaller benefit relative to Tier … For a Tier 2 member to retire with full benefits, he or she will need to wait until age 62 and have at least 10 years of service credit. The size of Illinois' pension obligation is $214B, but the state's pension funds have only $85B available for payouts to retirees. Tier 1 members in Teachers' Retirement System of the State of Illinois first contributed to TRS before Jan. 1, 2011 or have pre-existing creditable service with a reciprocal pension system prior to Jan. 1, 2011. For firefighters hired on or after January 1, 2011, click below to learn about your retirement, disability and survivor benefits.

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