Interestingly, the plot doesn't dwell on this idea. Adama demands that Cain return them to Galactica and orders Vipers to escort a Marine assault team to Pegasus. Discover (and save!) According to Eick and Moore, the Sci Fi Network did not permit it, citing substantial differences between the script and what was filmed and the belief that the material would be too controversial for television. "[12] Simon Brew of Den of Geek called the episode "flat-out outstanding. He contrasts the Galactica crew's relatively generous treatment of Sharon with the Pegasus crew's treatment of Gina and Starbuck's treatment of Leoben Conoy in the first-season episode "Flesh and Bone". 14:55. Battlestar Galactica - Razor (DVD) A great movie length parallel story to Battlestar Glactica that focuses on the Pegasus when Lee Adama takes command with Starbuck as CAG, his first mission as commander of Pegasus against some classic old rogue Cylons with lots of flashbacks to how the Pegasus survived under Admiral Kain to introduce the Pegasus crew. Still re-watching Battlestar Galactica, now nearly through the excellent Season Two. Cain and Baltar discuss the efficacy of physical coercion in interrogation during a visit to Sharon's cell. As Galactica's Vipers move in to the target, DRADIS reports it as a Colonial military ship. [2], Eick and Moore advocated for Sharon's rape as shown in the extended version to be included in the broadcast version. Eick says the amount Adama looks at Cain in "Pegasus" indicates that he respects her. Cain orders her own Vipers to intercept as the episode ends. After a tense moment, the ship is identified as the Battlestar Pegasus, a Colonial vessel previously believed destroyed in the Cylon attack on the Colonies. The memory of Admiral Helena Cain looms large over the crew of the Battlestar Pegasus and when Lee Adama is appointed its Commander, he has to navigate it's ghosts. According to Eick, Rymer thought such changes would make "Pegasus" less in the style of a documentary and more appropriate to the larger scale of the narrative. Moore abandoned several elements of the original-series episode involving Cain, "The Living Legend"; the main similarities in his view are Cain appearing suddenly in the Pegasus and being "more of a hardass character than Commander Adama. Once again on the run, humanity has to navigate the dangers of space, their own loathing for one another and the mystical strings that seem to pull them hither and tither across the galaxy. Director Michael Rymer's cut of "Pegasus" was about 20 minutes too long for broadcast in an hour-long time slot. Battlestar Galactica season 4 (on Amazon) Watch episodes 1 to 10. Cain sentences Helo and Chief Galen Tyrol to death after they accidentally kill a Pegasus officer who was preparing to rape Sharon. [15] In his September 2005 podcast commentary on the episode, Moore said he had been thinking about the episode "literally since I agreed to do the project. Other members of the production team knew her from her work in film. A large unknown ship appears on Galactica's DRADIS. The elation fades when Admiral Cain takes command of the fleet. 'Razor' chronologically takes place after episode 17 of the 2nd season and tells what happens on board the Pegasus under the command of new Captain Lee Adama. In the episode, the human fleet encounters the Battlestar Pegasus, commanded by Admiral Helena Cain. This is the ultimate guide to watching the reimagined Battlestar Galactica. your own Pins on Pinterest However, Keith argues that Cain has a moral responsibility to spare them to preserve what human life still remains. Some of Battlestar Pegasus's backstory is presented in the television movie Battlestar Galactica: Razor: She is not named in the episode; executive producer. Battlestar Pegasus. [5], John Ip considers the depiction of torture in "Pegasus". Delivering passionate and comprehensive entertainment coverage to millions of users world-wide each month. [6] Keith called "Pegasus" "the darkest the show has gone"[12] but said both the aired and extended versions were "A+ episodes. Olmos said of people who were upset, "They should be warned right now: please turn off your television sets and do not watch this show because it’s only going to provide more insight into the complexities of what happens to human beings. After a brief radio interrogation, the ship is confirmed to be the Battlestar Pegasus. Tricia Helfer and Marc Bernardin are joined this week by special guest Michelle Forbes (Admiral Helena Cain) to discuss Season 2, Episode 10: "Pegasus." Adama recognizes Cain as his superior officer, but Cain promises not to interfere with Galactica's internal affairs. According to Clifton, the ways in which Apollo and Starbuck protest their transfer orders reflect their characters: Apollo points out the detrimental effects of shuffling personnel ahead of an operation, and Starbuck insults Cain and the Pegasus CAG. Lee decides to appoint a former favourite of Admiral Cain's, Lt. Kendra Shaw, to the position of XO, in an attempt to 'build bridges' with his new subordinates. He and Head Six are horrified to discover that the Pegasus crew has systematically tortured and raped Gina. A short while later a Raptor disappears entirely, with crew and everything. Some members of the Pegasus crew, including the deck chief, were conscripted from these ships. [24] Jackson Alpern of Maxim ranked the first scene of confusion over whether Pegasus is a Cylon ship the ninth best moment in the series. Battlestar Galactica Pegasus Ship from the 1978 series Battlestar Galactica was a force among Battlestars, and one of only two to survive the Cylon attack on the Colonies. "[22] Kelly Woo of TV Squad also ranked it ninth best. While many a fan would go on to question Lee Adama's tactics in the final charge of Pegasus, none can deny how stirring the sacrifice is to watch. Cain and Gina were lovers until the Cylon attack on the. [21] John Kubicek of BuddyTV ranked it ninth best, saying the ending "could be one of TV's greatest cliffhangers. Pegasus encounters Galactica in "The Living Legend". BSG Ministry of Defense by viperaviator on DeviantArt. [5], In January 2005, Moore wrote that the writers had been discussing "for a couple of years" a storyline around a battlestar Pegasus inspired by the original Battlestar Galactica. During the battle, the battlestar Columbia is pummeled from basestarsalvos and is subsequently destroyed. A formal greeting of Admiral Cain on the Galactica flight deck is played with epic military pomp that's so effective it gave me chills. It lost to the Doctor Who episodes "The Empty Child" and "The Doctor Dances". 2:38. battle pegasus storm pegasus vs cyber pegasus vs galaxy pegasus . boxing or to be boxed- originally a Cylon term. In the episodes, the Battlestar Pegasus, under the command of Admiral Helena Cain, is found by the fleet. Battlestar Galactica was not the only Battlestar to have survived the cylon attack, The Battlestar Pegasus also survived. It includes the best viewing order for all of the TV movies and series, as well as all of the webisodes. "[16] However, he waited until the middle of the second season so the series would be further developed when Pegasus and Cain appear. [26], In separate interviews, Olmos, McDonnell, and actor Aaron Douglas (Tyrol) were asked to respond to criticism of the graphic nature of the rape scene. 10 Actors Who Begged For Their Character NOT To Die, 12 Stupidest Decisions By Star Trek Characters, 10 Things We Need To See In HBO Harry Potter Series. [11] Clifton further suggests a homoerotic element to the men's enthusiasm and compares the situation to a frat party. . 8.2 Resurrection Ship (1) January 6, 2006. Watching the Pegasus three-parter, compromising the episodes “Pegasus” and the two part “Resurrection Ship”. New. Amanda Olin. [2], Gina's name is not mentioned within the episode. Admiral Helena Cain boards Galactica with an armed esco… Cain executed her previous executive officer exactly as Fisk described.

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